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Laurel Road Student Loan Review

Laurel Road Student Loan Review

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Laurel Road refinances student loans specifically for medical and dental residents. The great part about Laurel Road is that you can refinance in all 50 states.



You can refinance in all 50 states

Refinancing available for medical and dental residents

You can see if you qualify and what rate you’ll get without a hard credit check


Don’t offer more flexible loan payments

You can’t postpone payments if you go back to school

You can only postpone payments up to 12 months if you meet certain criteria

What We Like About Laurel Road

You can Refinance in every state

Unlike most lenders, Laurel Road refinances in all 50 states.

Specifically for Medical and Dental Residents

If you are in the medical or dental field, this might be a great lender for you.

Soft Credit Checks

They will do a soft credit check to make sure that you qualify before doing a hard check on your credit.

How to Qualify

Qualifying for Laurel Road is more possible since they offer refinancing in all 50 states. However, they do advertise specializing in loans for medical and dental residents. To qualify they require a minimum credit score of 700, a minimum loan balance of $5,000, and a Bachelor’s Degree.


Details and Offers


Loan Amounts: Minimum: $5,000

Loan Qualifications: Federal, Private, and Parent PLUS loans

Fees or Prepayment Penalties: None

Loan Terms: 5, 7, 10, 15 & 20

Locations: You can refinance in all 50 states

Co-signers: Yes

Forbearance: Yes, up to 12 months

Servicer: Mohela

Easy Rate Check: Yes

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