Student Debt, Handled.

Snowball Wealth gives you the tools to tackle student debt, so you can start saving and investing.

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Recommendations on your student debt that work for the whole you.


Recommendations for You

Our algorithms are specific to you and help identify your biggest money moves, whether that’s paying down more of your student debt or lowering your expenses to free up cash.

Your Snowball Path

We help you accomplish your goals by giving you small, actionable steps. We celebrate your wins, and keep you motivated when things are tough.

Level Up

Paying down student debt is more than the status quo. You need to think BIG. Our supportive community helps you continue to level up in your growth and financial knowledge.

How Snowball helps you tackle student debt

Your student debt in one place We integrate all of your accounts so you can see your student loan details in one place. We track your progress over time and help you understand how much you’re saving.

Understand all your options Whether it’s increasing your student loan payments or lowering your interest rate, we run through multiple scenarios to find the best option for you!

Get actionable steps Increasing your payments can be daunting. We help you identify the right amount to pay and where to find the $ in your budget.

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Our Snowball Community

Thank you for providing the support and guidance I needed to help me figure out what to do with my student loans! I wouldn't have gotten to them without Snowball Wealth!"
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I opened an account with a national bank and got moving with a banker! You saved me $22,000 over the lifetime of my student loan!”
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New York

As a female CEO, I am still teaching myself about money because my family never taught me. Snowball gave me the space to materialize reaching my financial goals."
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New York

Join the Snowball community to tackle student debt and build wealth.