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Financial Education for Companies and Schools

Practical and engaging financial education and live workshops for companies and schools

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Sponsor a Local School

Are you a local bank, credit union or district looking for ways to empower the next generation? Bridge the financial literacy gap by sponsoring financial education workshops.

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Money Workshops for Your Company or ERG

Are you a company or ERG leader looking for a money workshop for your team? Select from our catalog of digital courses and live workshops.

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Partner with Us for Transformative Financial Education

Customized for your audience

Select from our course catalog or work with us to tailor our courses to fit your needs. Our workshops range from financial foundations to navigating the current market uncertainties, or more tactical sessions around budgeting and investing.

Built for high engagement

We offer live and virtual workshops to go along your digital courses. With small group discussions, polls, and quizzes, we guarantee your members will love the experience!

Practical and self-guided

After the workshop, participants will continue to have access to the digital courses and content. The courses are broken up into mini-lessons to make it easy to reference and go deeper into specific topics.

Meet Our Personal Finance Experts

Jackie Cummings Koski


Jackie is a financial educator and author of the award winning book “Money Letters 2 my Daughter”. She earned her master’s degree in Personal Financial Planning and Financial Therapy from Kansas State University and holds the CFP® and AFC® credentials. Her story and financial tips have been featured on CNBC, Forbes, Market Watch and the Rachael Ray Show. By joining the Snowball Wealth team, she is furthering her mission of normalizing conversations around money and fulfilling her passion to teach others.

Snowball co-founder Tanya smiling

Tanya Menendez


Tanya is a 3X entrepreneur with experience creating profitable, scalable companies. She has managed 7 figure budgets and raised millions of dollars for her ventures. Tanya has been included in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List and named one of People en Español’s Most Powerful Latinas.

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