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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Snowball free? Snowball offers both free and paid plans. You can sign up for a free account today, and choose to upgrade to receive full access to our digital courses. If you are interested in Snowball Premium you can join our waitlist.

How does Snowball work? Snowball offers a web app and iOS app. Once you sign up you can join the Snowball community feed on mobile, you can join Money Challenges which are ways for you to set and meet personal goals every month, or you can integrate your accounts in our Net Worth Tracker. We also offer a student loan plan on the web where you can integrate your student debt accounts and give you a recommendation specific to you based on your financial picture and your goals -- whether it is to increase your monthly payments, pay down your balance faster, or refinance your student loans. Both our web app and iOS app support our full library of financial courses.

Why should I use Snowball? Snowball offers a community and tools for you to pay off your debt and invest! Some Snowball users love us for the community, while others like to use us for the tools we offer, like the Money Challenges and Net Worth Tracker. And others love how easy it is to learn financial topics with our digital courses. Each course has a private community to help support your learning. In regards to student loans, Snowball also offers free analysis on how much interest you’re paying and what your options are when paying off your student loans. We compare against refinancing, optimizing payments and federal programs to ensure our users make the best decision for their situation.

Does Snowball refinance loans? We do not refinance directly, but we do help you decide which bank or lender you can refinance with. After you sync your loans, we will assess if refinancing is right for you.

Is there a Snowball app? Yes! We have a mobile app on iOS. While we do not have an Android app, our website is mobile friendly and works on all devices.

How does Snowball protect my personal information? At Snowball Wealth, your privacy and security is our top priority. We use bank-level security to protect your data at all times, using 256-bit encryption to protect your data at rest and on transit. We do not sell your personal information to or share it with unaffiliated third parties for their own advertising or marketing purposes. Check out our Privacy Policy for more information. Our team is on the lookout for suspicious activity and will respond to security threats quickly, and will alert you if there is any suspicious activity on your account.