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We are a mobile-first community with tools for you to pay debt and build generational wealth.

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This is the place to go before making your next financial move. With the Snowball Community, you can celebrate your wins, stay up to date on finance news, and connect with others who are in a similar money journey.

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Whether it’s to jumpstart your savings, pay off debt, or max out your retirement accounts, you can join a Snowball Money Challenge to reach your goals! You'll receive weekly tips and motivation and work on these goals with a supportive community.

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Join our Premium Membership to get access to our financial roadmap and 1:1 coaching with a CFP. With Premium, you can work on building long lasting financial habits to get unblocked and start building generational wealth.

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Our mission is to give you peace of mind and save you money on your debt, so that you can start saving and investing.