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Financial Foundations Latinx Guide

Financial Foundations Latinx Guide

Latinx have $1.7 trillion in buying power but are building less wealth than the generational population. As a group whose children will represent 1 of every 3 children in the US by 2050, we owe it to ourselves to embark on this journey. Latinx rank as an altruistic demographic and are more likely to financially support an aging parent and grown child.

However, Latinx communities need to think of future generations too. Today’s the day to begin building the knowledge it takes to build wealth.

Our guide will help you navigate:

⚡What it means to be the first in your family to invest

🧓🏽 Supporting family members

💸 Ways to Increase Your Income

💁🏽Budgeting Like a Boss

💰Best Practices for Emergency Savings

💳 Personal Debt

🎓 Student Debt


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