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Five Ways to Save Money on Valentine’s Day

For some people, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show their partner how much they love them. For others, it’s just another day. If you are a member of the former, you don’t have to break the bank just to show your partner how much they are loved. Here are five ways to save money on Valentines Day.

Cook a romantic dinner at home

Going out to eat can be expensive, especially around Valentine’s Day. Not to mention, restaurants typically get crowded on February 14th. Consider cooking your partner a romantic meal at home. You can pull out the fancy silverware, put your decorating skills to work and enjoy a nice night at home. If you really want to get fancy, you can order a nice movie as an upgrade from Netflix.

Gift your partner a framed photo

A picture really is worth a thousand words. Do you have a nice picture of you and your partner together? So often, we keep our pictures on our phones or computers. Get the photo developed and place it into a nice frame. That way, they can keep the photo on their desk.

Create “ Open When” envelopes

If you have never heard of “Open When” envelopes, then you are in for a great surprise since it’s the perfect gift for a sentimental person. You simply get some envelopes (decorate them if you are so inclined) and write kind notes for your partner and place them into the envelopes. An example may be “Open when you’re sad” or “Open when you’ve had a long day”. These kind notes can go a long way on a bad day. This is not only a sentimental gift, but a great one for mental health.

Make your own treats

Edible arrangements and chocolates are great. They are also expensive. Consider making homemade treats for Valentine’s Day. A great one is chocolate covered strawberries. They are pretty simple and economical to make. You may even bake brownies or cookies and put them in the shape of a heart. Your homemade gift will mean so much to your partner and likely taste amazing as well.

Make a music playlist

Some people say that music is another love language. If you really need to save on costs, you can create a playlist on YouTube or a streaming service and invite your partner to listen to songs that make you think of them. If you want to take it a step further, you could pay to download the songs on to an MP3 player or other device so that anytime they want, your partner could listen to the playlist that you created for them. Whatever you decide to do, remember that you don’t have to go outside of your budget to express your love.

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Anna Paul, CFP® is an Investment Adviser and Certified Financial Planner. She currently serves as money coach for Snowball Wealth providing personalized financial guidance in areas such as budgeting, building and maintaining credit, estate planning, debt management, and money mindset. Most importantly, she believes in coaching clients to adapt their mindset to their goals. She specializes in helping individuals identify financial goals and take actionable steps towards achieving them. Anna volunteers with Carolina Youth Coalition as a mentor and serves on the Volunteer Income Tax Association. When she isn’t giving financial education presentations, she can be found hiking, couponing, or trying new recipes.

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