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Why You Should Join One of Our Masterminds

At Snowball Wealth we believe in the power of community to motivate and drive goals forward.

This belief led us to launch Money Mastermind Groups—(a) 8 week peer brainstorming program on topics such as investing basics, paying off debt, and money mindset. When you join our Mastermind group(s), you can expect to meet consistently with our money coach Anna Paul, CFP and other Mastermind participants to reflect on your week, and setting small goals and habits that build towards your bigger goals.

You will be granted access to a private community, which can be accessed by mobile or desktop. Mastermind participants have used the private community to ask questions, as a weekly accountability check, and celebrate wins with one another! Our goal is to make you feel more comfortable in changing habits that lead to your personal and financial growth.

Our next Mastermind group(s) will begin the last week of November. You can sign-up to join, here. Masterminds are free for Premium members and $250 for all others. Start a free trial to Premium.

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