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A Money Community For Women

A Slack community to talk about money moves, share resources and connect with like-minded people.

snowball wealth community

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We host exclusive happy hours and educational webinars on debt, salary negotiation, saving and investing.

Ask Questions

Have a money question? Ask the community about their experience with a bank, lender or how they think about money moves.

Share Wins

Share your wins with the community –– whether it's paying off a loan, starting an emergency savings, or buying a home (and get inspired by others!)

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Meet Other Like-Minded People We host happy hours where community members share money stories and lessons learned in budgeting, buying a home, investing, debt and more.

Learn From Experts Every month, we bring in different experts to talk about money moves in debt, saving, retirement, investing and salary negotiation.

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Our Snowball Community

Thank you for providing the support and guidance I needed to help me figure out what to do with my student loans! I wouldn't have gotten to them without Snowball Wealth!"
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I opened an account with a national bank and got moving with a banker! You saved me $22,000 over the lifetime of my student loan!”
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New York

As a female CEO, I am still teaching myself about money because my family never taught me. Snowball gave me the space to materialize reaching my financial goals."
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New York

Join the Snowball community to tackle student debt and build wealth.